Rare Gas Applications

Middlesex Gases & Technologies started as a welding company over 61 years ago. For the past two decades, we have expanded into a number of specialty applications and industries.

In order to provide our customers full service, single source solutions, we have expanded our product line. The applications in this section detail some of these areas. If there is a new request, we will find the solution.

Special handling & quick response time are needed for NMR/MRI applications-and Middlesex Gases is there.

Defense industry contractors and our Armed Services require a complete range of solutions. Middlesex Gases is proud to be there.

Healthcare companies have unique requirements and time constraints,and Middlesex Gases provides the solutions.

From foundries to photonics and fabs, Middlesex Gases offers a total solution for your electronic specialty gas, equipment and service needs.

Pharmaceutical, biotech and other life science industries have demands ranging from API to waste treatment-and Middlesex Gases is there.

An MHEC vendor, Middlesex Gases offers lab to lab service to research laboratories & universities along with a thorough understanding of the requirements (and restrictions) faced by researchers.

Middlesex Gases is pleased to announce the launch of the new web site dedicated to welding products and services. Please visit today: MGTWeldingSupplies.com

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ISO/IEC 17025:2005:

Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc., the premier supplier of Specialty Gases, Cryogenics, MicroBulk and Bulk gases in New England, has been accredited with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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Clients Served:

Schering Plough Research Institute