Quick Reference Guide for Specialty Gases

Below is a Quick Reference for our most commonly requested specialty gases, liquid products, industrial gases and medical gases. Feel free to download this information through a one-page PDF for your use.

Specialty Gases

Part Number Description (Grade) Size
SP09130 Air, Dry 300
SP09930 Air (0.1) 300
RG351-44285 Acetylene (2.6) 360
RG331-71323 Anhydrous Ammonia (4.0) 150lb
SP01030 Argon (Zero 0.5) 336
SP01330 Argon (4.8) 336
SP01430 Argon (5.0) 336
SP12226 CO2, Bone Dry (2.8) 50lb
RG331-11200 CO (1.85) 200
SP02030 Helium (Zero 0.5) 291
SP02230 Helium (4.7) 291
SP02430 Helium (5.0) 291
RG331-03030 Hydrogen (Zero 0.5) 261
RG331-03330 Hydrogen (4.5) 261
RG331-03430 Hydrogen (5.0) 261
RG351-41030 Methane (1.3) 300
RG351-41202 Methane (2.0) 200
RGME4.0-t Methane (4.0) 300
SP06330 Nitrogen (4.8) 304
SP06430 Nitrogen (5.0) 304
RG331-07003 Oxygen (0.5) 337
SP07130 Oxygen (2.6) 337
RG331-07430 Oxygen (4.3 UHP) 337
RG331-07630 Oxygen (5.0) 337
SP 41013 (Cert) P-5, 95% Argon/5% Methane 226
SP 42013 (Cert) P-10, 90% Argon/10% Methane 226

Medical Gases

Part Number Description (Grade) Size
MED3139 Nitrogen NF 304
MED3616 Liquid Nitrogen NF 230lt
MRGNSM-K Nitrous Oxide 50lb
MED1132 Oxygen USP 337
MED1114 Oxygen USP 22

Liquid Products

Part Number Description (Grade) Size
AR5611 Liquid Argon 240lt
SP5611 Liquid Argon (5.0) 240lt
CA8511 Liquid CO2 384lb
MIS6916 Liquid Helium 60lt
MIS6917 Liquid Helium 100lt
MIS6920 Liquid Helium 250lt
NI3616 Liquid Nitrogen, 22/230 psi 230lt
SP3616 Liquid Nitrogen, 22/230psi (5.0) 230lt
OX1612 Liquid Oxygen 230lt
RGOX5.0L230 Liquid Oxygen (5.0) 230lt

Industrial Gases

Part Number Description (Grade) Size
AC2111 Acetylene 4
AC2121 Acetylene 5
AR5131 Argon (Industrial) 336
CA8122 CO2 (Industrial) 50lb
CA8141 CO2 (Industrial -Siphon) 50lb
HE6123 Helium (Industrial) 291
HY4122 Hydrogen (Industrial) 197
NI3133 Nitrogen (Pre-Pure) 304
OX1131 Oxygen (Industrial) 337
NI3141 Breathing Air 234
PR9811 Propane--Fork Truck (Market) 33lb
HPG Propylene
Argon/CO2 & Argon/O2 Mixes

Please note: More gases & cylinder sizes are available.
This is only a partial list of gases we supply.

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