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Client Testimonials

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"Your presentation on Compressed Gases: Use, Handling & Safety was well received by the thirty ARIAD employees who were fortunate enough to attend. The complements ranged from the "best training yet," to "WOW," and many other unsolicited positive comments. I had the opportunity to turn several times toward the audience during the presentation and I was overjoyed to see the level of attention you were able to obtain and hold. Congratulations, you are in a league of your own. In addition, you managed to raise the training bar expectation for presenters @ ARIAD. Someone needed to do it, and I am glad it was you."

"Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with ARIAD. Your commitment to ARIAD's Safety Training Program is now a shared treasure."

— Mike DeMarco
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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"Middlesex Gases and Technologies has clearly been the leader in providing creative solutions to our specialty/rare gas requirements over the last four years. There has been a considerable cost savings realized from this MicroBulk system, as well as important safety improvements."

— Thomas Stark
Associate Director, Lab Services
Genzyme Corporation

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"We have been with Middlesex for the last four years and they have always gone above and beyond in both the quality of the product they deliver and the service they provide, from the drivers all the way up to the CEO. Our service rep, Mike Lee, has helped us stay in compliance by providing safety and equipment recommendations while fulfilling our storage, product, and delivery equipment needs. By choosing Middlesex, we have saved considerable money on a superior product. I would strongly recommend using Middlesex as your specialty gas supplier."

— Brian White, Ph.D.
System and Process Development Manager
Nanocomp Technologies Inc.

Union Specialties

"I wanted to personally thank you for the cylinder handling safety training that you conducted today at Union Specialties, Inc. I can honestly say that the enthusiasm and knowledge you bring to these training sessions is second to none. As the Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Union, I have outsourced many training sessions and have also utilized several methods of training and your training program held the attention of our employees more so than any other outsourced program I have ever utilized. Your use of visual aids and examples provides the students with a unique training experience, which I feel is very valuable."

"Again, thank you for the effort you put into your training session and don't hesitate to contact me or have someone else contact me as a referral for your services."

— Jeff Schoff
Union Specialties, Inc.

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"I wanted to formally thank you for the complimentary "Gas Handling and Safety Presentation" that you conducted for MBraun recently. This training session proved to be a great help not only for my Production staff but also for the Service department."

"The information provided was extremely helpful for our internal safety handling of gasses and has become a priority for how we are handling things on the road and how we approach an installation which requires the handling of any gas tanks."

"I also plan to implement new guidelines and rules into our internal safety manual and procedures that will directly reflect what we have learned from you."

"Everyone involved left the session with something they did not know before they attended your seminar and I was very pleased with the questions and responses during the presentation."

"I hope to have your conduct this presentation on an annual or every two year basis so that we can stay up-to-date, well informed, and to also train newer employees and departments. Here at MBraun, we are committed to the safety and well-being of all employees, and I believe the information gained from the "Gas Handling and Safety Presentation" is needed to maintain this quality of commitment."

"Once again, thank you for your time and offering of the seminar."

— James Fairchild
MBraun, Inc.

Synta Pharma

"Thank you again for the spectacular Compressed Gases Training that you presented last month."

"The recent training event was extremely well received by Synta Pharmaceuticals employees. As you know, the audience consisted of a diversified cross section of Facilities, EH&S, Biology, and Chemistry employees, which is not always an "easy" combination."

"The training was an initial gas handling training for some folks who work around compressed gases but have never had any formal training, and a "refresher" training for those of us that handle gases every day. Boy, did we all learn a lot!"

"The approach that you used was not insulting or condescending and there was no sales pressure. What I really liked? - You continually emphasized safe handling practices, quoting regulations and referencing regulating agencies. This was a HUGE hit with our EH&S Director, Greg LoConte, who added the training documents to each attendees training profile. His comment was, 'That was a good training. He really knows his stuff.'"

"I sincerely appreciate the "hand-out" materials that you provided but the biggest demonstration tools are the "show and tell" products that you brought along. As scientists, we can read about gas explosions in a book, but somehow it just doesn't pack the same punch as seeing a compressed gas cylinder with a gaping rupture through the side of the tank."

"Mike, thank you - I hope that we continue our professional relationship for many years."

— Deb Jasset
Synta Pharmaceuticals