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Microbulk Systems

Microbulk gas storage vessels come in a variety of sizes and their use simplifies gas storage and distribution, boosts efficiency, saves considerable dollars and serves an infinite variety of applications. Gas in liquid or gaseous form is dispensed from the vessel.

  • Cost Efficient
  • Cryogenic Freezers
  • HASS / HALT atmospheric chamber applications
  • Incubator CO2 supply
  • Whole plant Nitrogen supply
  • Gas Blanketing applications
  • Ultra High Purity Nitrogen and Argon application
  • Modified atmospheric packaging applications

Microbulk Nitrogen is ideal for cryogenic freezer applications where cryogenic consolidation areas are developed to eliminate multiple portable dewars on site and ensure constant liquid nitrogen is supplied.

HASS / HALT Chamber applications are an excellent fit for Microbulk Nitrogen where a bulk tank is often too large and portable dewars are likely too small.

The daily chore of monitoring, ordering and handling portable gas vessels is totally eliminated with Microbulk as all aspects of the system are automated. Nitrogen supply becomes a worry-free utility.

Product cost savings of 20% are quickly realized when using Microbulk over portable dewars.

Our Microbulk product offering includes Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, Ultra High Purity Argon and Carbon Dioxide (ideal for incubator applications).

Hold times for Microbulk gases are far more extensive than portable dewars, months hold time for Microbulk vs weeks for portable dewars. Microbulk custom designed solutions can be placed in small, tight areas.