Newsletter Articles : Safe, Efficient Gas Use

Are you ever perplexed by any of the following issues in regards to gas cylinders?

These are very common questions facing lab managers on a daily basis. They are faced with the daunting task of making sure all is well within the confines of their lab space. I would strongly recommend that lab managers put their gas suppliers to work doing more than just bringing their product to market.

The supplier should provide cylinder inventory sheets monthly to account for gases in house. They should provide a Safety / Purity Audit to cover issues of safety, purity and efficiency. The supplier should also provide an in house Cylinder Gas Handling Safety Program to ensure all users are aware of the abundance of issues surrounding the use of gases. It is paramount that safety be our first concern when using compressed gases. One accident with a gas cylinder can have catastrophic results.

Call us to discuss a no charge, no obligation Safety / Purity Audit and a Cylinder Gas Handling Safety Program for your labs.

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