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Advanced Cylinder Management

Middlesex Gases is New England's leader in safety, innovation and new technology. Our advanced cylinder management system is just another example of Middlesex Gases' innovation leadership in the Biotech and Life Science industries.

We know that your lab can be hectic and cylinders can get misplaced from time to time. With our cylinder management program, you'll always know which cylinders are yours no matter where you are.

The system works in a way that gives each and every cylinder a unique bar code that can be traced back to its birth. As cylinders enter the fill plants, they are quickly identified and bar coded into the computer system. Real-time fill plant and dock tracking helps validate the cylinder movement as the cylinder is moved from the prep area to the filling area, out to the loading dock and delivered to the customer's site. Our drivers scan the cylinders going into the customer's location and the empty cylinders coming out thus eliminating the mistakes of hand-written notes.

Middlesex Gases Advanced Cylinder Management System allows for:

  • Confidence that you are being billed correctly for your cylinder balances
  • Cylinder reports that show you the complete history of your cylinders
  • Confidence that your cylinders are exactly where they belong
  • Reduced chance of end users swapping cylinders
  • Tracking inside your facility
  • Allocate cylinder rent by department