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Gases are your lifeline

It’s as vital to your business as oxygen is to your lungs. You don’t notice it most of the time, but when it runs out, you notice immediately.

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Bulk and MicroBulk

Bulk and MicroBulk tanks are for customers that use large amounts of gas (1,000 liters a month or more). We design, engineer and install gas solutions that provide continuous flow of product, are cost-effective and are ideal where space is limited.

Bulk Systems MicroBulk Systems

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Liquid Dewars

Liquid dewars provide a reliable, convenient and economical method for the transportation and delivery of liquefied gases such as: nitrogen, CO2, argon, helium and oxygen. An average liquid dewar stores the equivalent of up to 20 high-pressure cylinders.

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Specialty Gases

Middlesex Gases supplies specialty gases that are 99.999% pure. Our high purity cylinders go through a rigorous purging and analyzing process to ensure quality. We offer a variety of tank sizes and over 50 custom blends to meet your needs.

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Our Service Advantage

Middlesex Gases has an extensive gas distribution network servicing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Our experienced gas specialists are committed to providing quality products with dependable service for facilities and industries including biotech, life science, universities and medical research laboratories. Our vast fleet of box trucks and trailers and our three filling stations provide the service advantage to take your company to the next level.

Why Lilly the Lab Tech Switched to Middlesex Gases

Lugging around heavy dewars, spending sleepless nights worrying about the cryo-freezer going down, and putting up with inefficient, outdated monitoring systems and unreliable service are just a few of the reasons why Lilly, a local lab technician, needed to change specialty gas suppliers.

She switched to Middlesex Gases and hasn’t looked back. Not only do we provide her with modern technology and peace of mind, but we also offer:

Lab technicians across New England rely on Middlesex Gases to keep their specialty and industrial gases flowing, so they can focus on more important things.

Are you ready to make the switch?

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Industries Served

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Complete Gas Systems

Our project managers can design and install complete specialty gas systems from a simple manifold to complete build-out expansions, including process piping, vacuum piping, bulk and MicroBulk. Our specialty gas solution experts can also perform on-site quality analysis, gas application upgrades and safety training

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