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Advanced Cylinder Management

Cylinder Scanning

Bar coding tracks cylinder movement easily

Middlesex Gases is New England’s gas leader in safety, innovation and new technology. Our Advanced Cylinder Management system gives our life science customers confidence that their cylinders are tracked accurately.

We know that your lab can be a hectic workplace and cylinders can get misplaced from time to time. With our cylinder management system, you’ll always know which cylinders are yours no matter where you are.

Every cylinder has a unique bar code that can be traced back from its birth. As cylinders enter the fill plants, they are quickly scanned and bar coded into the computer system. Real-time fill plant and dock tracking helps validate the cylinder’s movement as the cylinder goes from the prep area to the filling area, out to the loading dock and delivered to the customer’s site. Our drivers scan the cylinders again as they go to the customer’s location, always eliminating the mistakes of hand-written notes.

A photo of a Middlesex cannister being scanned

Advanced Cylinder Management system allows for:

Remote Cylinder Monitoring

Through remote monitoring, Middlesex Gases assures constant gas supply and lower costs. This can be used for high-pressure cylinders, cryogenic/liquid cylinders and bulk/MicroBulk systems.

Benefits of Using Cyl-Connect

Let our experts install your remote monitoring system today and never worry about unexpected gas shortages again.

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