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Medical CO2 Lab

Medical CO2 Lab

Our state-of-the-art, automated, and highly efficient medical CO2 lab was designed with our customers’ requirements in the forefront of our minds.

Middlesex Gases understands how critical a steady and reliable supply of medical CO2 is to your life sciences or health-care organization. When you partner with us, you no longer have to be concerned about consistency of product, pricing, or service.

We are the only gas supplier in New England—and one of only two firms on the East Coast—with the in-house capabilities to manufacture medical-grade CO2 from raw product.

Our FDA-approved medical CO2 lab features world-class technology and equipment that is operated by our highly trained gas experts. This Middlesex team closely manages a medical CO2 process that is guided by strict safety regulations every step of the way, but that is also built for speed and productivity.

The Middlesex Medical CO2 Process

We have the capabilities to not only fill, qualify, and distribute medical-grade CO2 in both bulk and package gas form but to manufacture it from raw product, as well.

#1 Vacuum Manifold System

Before it is filled, a cylinder is prepped, blown, and vacuumed, and a complete pre-fill inspection is performed.

Medical CO2 Gas Lab Process Photo 1
Medical CO2 Gas Lab Process Photo 3

#2 CryoVation Semi-Automated Filling System

The cylinder’s tare weight is verified to ensure there are no impurities, missing metals, or corrosion. After a cylinder is found to be moisture-free, it is filled with medical CO2 via the CryoVation filling system connected to our 14-ton storage tank.

#3 Labeling

A label with a distinct, manually generated lot number is affixed to each cylinder, which verifies that the product inside has been qualified to USP standards and provides Middlesex and its customers with quality traceability.

Medical CO2 Gas Lab Process Photo 2

#4 Analysis System Designed In-House by Middlesex

We specifically designed this system to test our manufactured product for 11 FDA-recognized contaminants and ensure compliance with full USP testing. It tests the final cylinder or dewar and the bulk system where medical CO2 is stored prior to filling.

Constantly Evolving to Meet Your Gas Requirements

Our custom-designed medical CO2 lab is just one example of the commitment we’ve made to serving the gas requirements of the life sciences and healthcare industries here in New England. We have also made significant investments in building a high-tech specialty gas lab and expanding our fleet of cylinder and bulk trucks and trailers, including adding a 10-ton medical CO2 bulk truck. These enhancements enable us to serve a wide range of businesses throughout Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut.

Your Partner for All Gas Solutions

Middlesex Gases also offers specialty gas blends, cryogenic gases and cryogenic liquids, and medical gases, from anesthetic gases to products that meet the requirements of a variety of medical devices. In addition, when you partner with Middlesex, you have access to convenient value-added services such as:

Whether you’re a growing start-up, a small to midsize business, or a large laboratory, Middlesex Gases is a one-stop shop for all the gas solutions that are essential to sustaining your life sciences company or health-care organization and the critical work that you do. Our team looks forward to providing you with high-quality and cost-effective gases and gas systems, as well as superior service and expert customer support.

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