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MicroBulk ensures constant liquid nitrogen supply

MicroBulk is a solution for customers whose consumption is too large for liquid dewars, but too small for a bulk application. It simplifies gas storage distribution while boosting efficiency and reducing overall costs. Our MicroBulk offerings include: Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, Ultra High Purity Argon and Carbon Dioxide.

MicroBulk nitrogen is ideal for consolidating cryogenic freezer applications, which eliminates the use of multiple portable dewars and ensures a constant flow. Our automated MicroBulk system eliminates the daily chore of monitoring, ordering and handling portable gas vessels, making gases a worry-free utility.

Why Lilly the Lab Tech Switched to Middlesex Gases

Lilly, a local lab manager, is responsible for maintaining the lab’s nitrogen and carbon dioxide stock levels. She’s already reached her breaking point trying to manage this outdated system when one morning, she comes in to find her LN2 dewar has run out of gas overnight, and the freezer alarm failed to notify anyone. This one event caused her to lose a million dollars’ worth of valuable research, materials, and time!

Lilly switched to Middlesex Gases and hasn’t looked back. Not only do we provide her with modern technology and peace of mind, but we also offer her:

Lab technicians like Lilly rely on Middlesex Gases to keep their gas flowing, so they can focus on more important things.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Benefits of MicroBulk

MicroBulk Applications

Benefits of Microbulk

MicroBulk Applications

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MicroBulk Tank Sizes

MicroBulk gas storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, making them the perfect solution to replace liquid dewars. These tanks simplify gas storage and distribution, while boosting efficiency.

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