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Microbulk ensures constant liquid nitrogen supply

Microbulk is a solution for customers whose consumption is too large for liquid dewars, but too small for a bulk application. It simplifies gas storage distribution while boosting efficiency and reducing overall costs. Our microbulk offerings include: Ultra High Purity Nitrogen, Ultra High Purity Argon, and Carbon Dioxide.

Microbulk nitrogen is ideal for consolidating cryogenic freezer applications, which eliminates the use of multiple portable dewars and ensures a constant flow. Our automated microbulk system eliminates the daily chore of monitoring, ordering and handling portable gas vessels, making gases a worry-free utility.

Benefits of Microbulk

Microbulk Applications

Benefits of Microbulk

Microbulk Applications

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Microbulk Tank Sizes

Microbulk gas storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, making them the perfect solution to replace liquid dewars. These tanks simplify gas storage and distribution, while boosting efficiency.

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