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Design and Engineering

Gas Systems and Products

New England installers of Bulk and Microbulk Gas Systems

Middlesex Gases is recognized as a leader in New England when it comes to designing and installing innovative products. Our advanced technology includes manifolds, regulators, process piping, vacuum piping, bulk and microbulk systems. We have been installing specialty gas systems for over 35 years, which has translated into years of valuable experience. Our technicians have been factory-trained at Concoa, SGD, Chart, Harris, and Taylor Wharton. If you are looking for a supplier who will design, engineer and turnkey your entire specialty gas project, look no further. We provide the right product for the application, driving a competitive advantage for our customer and company.

Vacuum Jacketed Piping

Middlesex Gases specializes in designing and installing vacuum insulated pipe systems. This unique product is also referred to as Vacuum Jacketed Pipe, Cryogenic Pipe, or Super Insulated Vacuum Line (SIVL). We are proud to have engineered, designed, installed, and maintained cryogenic transfer systems for a wide variety of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise brings value to a diverse set of markets such as pharmaceutical, biotech, aerospace, clean energy, food and beverage, semiconductor, electronics and solar.

A photo of Cryo Freezers

Pad Design and Installation

Middlesex Gases has worked on bulk pad installations from 13,000 gallons down to 1,500 liter microbulk tanks. We can design a bulk pad to meet your specific requirements in the most challenging applications. We can also supply standard bulk tank specifications for your specific tank size upon your request.

Pad Specifications

Each city and town has their own pad specification guidelines, therefore you will need to contact your local municipality for pad spec approval.

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