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Middlesex Gases offers a complete line of cryopreservation equipment for New England life science companies, featuring Chart (MVE) and Taylor Wharton (Worthington) products. We have portable dewars, 3-liter vapor shippers and large high-efficiency freezers that hold over 94,500, 2-ml vials. Our cryostorage units will provide either vapor or liquid storage with storage capacities from 5,200 vials to 39,000 vials.

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, the ability to validate cryo-freezers is critical. We sell high-efficiency cryo-freezers that meet this specification. Our cryopreservation experts will provide you with the ideal solution to meet your research needs.

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Cryopreservation Equipment




These systems provide the consistency required when dealing with critical samples. See the importance of validation of temperature and LN2 savings below.
Traditional Cryo-Freezer
Chart MVE HE
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