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Our Dry Ice products are manufactured in Massachusetts and are delivered fresh to local businesses including hospitals, biotech laboratories, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

We provide Dry Ice products such as: Pellets, Rice Pellets (Dry Ice Blasting), Micro Pellets, 1/4 inch, Special Cut Blocks, Slices, Nuggets and High-Density Dry Ice.

Dry Ice options

At Middlesex Gases, we ensure our products are tested, stored and transported to their destination within the temperature profiles required. Our extensive distribution network covers the New England area, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Our continuing strength is “customized” packaging and professional distribution logistics.

Please contact us to discuss your current or future application that requires portable, cost-effective Dry Ice refrigeration. Experienced senior account personnel are available to visit with you and review your application to implement a customized “Best-Practice Dry Ice” Program.

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