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Middlesex Gases manufactures dry ice in-house at our Plainville facility and delivers it fresh off the production line to customers across New England in the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries. With our fully automated industrial dry ice pelletizer, we can provide you with a reliable, consistent, and more stable dry ice solution.

Dry Ice Options

Why Buy Dry Ice from Middlesex?

We are one of just three gas companies in all of New England that both manufactures and distributes dry ice. With our advanced dry ice capabilities, we produce up to 1,700 pounds of superior-quality product per hour and offer customers like you the following valuable services:

  • Delivery to your New England lab or facility within hours of production.
  • Insulated and sealed containers, available in 200-pound or 500-pound sizes, that are specially formulated with high-impact polyethylene for much longer hold times.
  • Barcoding that shows your order amounts and traces your containers from fill plant to delivery truck to drop-off at your location.
  • Fully enclosed delivery trucks to protect your dry ice product from harmful environmental factors.
  • Two convenient dry ice delivery options: You can either reorder by phone or schedule automatic dry ice container exchanges on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.
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If you want a longer-lasting dry ice product that comes straight off the machine to your doorstep, Middlesex Gases is the right choice. Please contact us to discuss your dry ice requirements or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced gas professionals, who will come out to your lab or facility to meet with you personally. Whether you need cold storage for shipping sensitive medical supplies, critical blood stores, or vulnerable living samples, we will help you select the correct type of pellets and customize a dry ice program for your specific application.

When you work with Middlesex Gases, you can be confident that you are securing a reliable supply of clean, fresh, and superior-quality dry ice product.

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