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Buy Wisely

I received a call from a gentleman recently who seemed to know exactly what gases and equipment he needed for his new lab. This is rare as new start ups commonly have a number of questions regarding these issues.

My potential new customer said he needed Research Grade Hydrogen and Oxygen as well as dual stage, all stainless steel regulators. Ok, that sent up a red flag somewhere in my bald head! Let’s back up gently and start with the gases. First, what is the application? What contaminants and in what levels are you trying to avoid? He had no clue, but another gas company told him that’s what he should have.

Reviewing a few more pointed questions I made the determination that Ultra High Purity Grade 5.0 Hydrogen and Ultra High Purity Grade 4.3 Oxygen would serve him perfectly.

Savings – $700.00

Now let’s talk about the regulators. Following a few questions regarding his application we determined that he did not need dual stage regulators and certainly not all stainless steel ones. I recommended an Ultra High Purity gas service single stage regulator.

Savings – $1228.00

In addition we discussed Flashback Arrestors and other safety equipment to keep his application safe.

Safety – Priceless

Buy wisely from a reputable gas company that is looking for a long term mutually beneficial relationship, not just a one time killing. Seek assistance from a professional with some years of experience in the field who will treat you with respect and bring valuable information to your company.

Call the professionals at Middlesex Gases & Technologies for your gases and gas related equipment needs. Service is our gateway to the marketplace and we take it seriously.

The aforementioned caller who prompted this article is now a new customer, satisfied with the knowledge that I am here to assist him and serve his needs appropriately.