Middlesex Gases


Buyer Beware

Recently I had a potential customer from a start-up lab call me to get pricing for gases & gas related equipment for his new facility.

The customer was confident that he knew exactly what he needed. He began with a list of Research & Scientific Grade Gases followed by an elongated list of very high end regulators, manifolds etc.

Now, this is uncommon in the gas industry as we normally walk a customer through the various grades of gases, the impurities that may be found in the grades and how those impurities will effect the intended application. Once the gas grade is chosen we apply the appropriate gas regulation equipment to match the gas grades.

In questioning the customer further I found that he had called a gas company for information on gases & equipment and was led down a path that would have wreaked havoc with his financial well being. The grade of gases quoted was several hundred dollars more per bottle than was necessary for his application and the equipment was overpriced by 3X.

Like any industry there are people in the gas business who are willing to score one big sale from a customer rather than do the right thing and educate them and proceed with their relationship with dignity and respect.

When choosing a gas supplier look for the service in what they are selling. Do they deliver next day? Do they guarantee the quality of their product? What advanced services do they offer? Is the Salesperson knowledgeable about your business and the equipment that will be consuming the gas provided? Is he well versed in his own equipment or does he depend on manufacturers reps to do the talking for him?

Gases and gas related equipment will always play a big part in the operation of most laboratories. It is worth your investment in time to partner with a very high quality gas supplier from the start. It will save you dollars and heartache in the future.

Call anytime for a courteous and informative consultation regarding the gases and equipment you currently use or are intending to use in the future. The key ingredient that we bring to market is service and the price is $0.00.