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Critical Gas Backup Systems

Image of a woman wearing protective gear pulling a device out of a liquid gasWe are all aware that the equipment in our labs and throughout the facility is highly dependent on the lab gases provided by the gas company. However, your comfort level should not lie solely on the ability of the gas company to deliver the critically important gases on time.

There may be a time, that despite all efforts, the gas delivery cannot be made in time. What is your backup plan to keep the incubators operational, what is your backup plan to ensure your critical samples in the cryo-freezer will remain intact? Do you know the hold time of your freezers? Is there even a backup plan in your standard operating procedures where it comes to the gases that keep your business operation running?

During a system failure a backup system to keep the operation functional is crucial to any design. A system that would allow portable dewars to be delivered and hooked up as a temporary cure is only one scenario. Utilizing a MicroBulk tank is also a viable alternative to backing up a Bulk tank. We are here to assist in designing any system to keep you fully operational. Please contact Middlesex and we will perform a Bulk / MicroBulk audit at your facility to ensure that your tanks are sized properly and that a backup system is in operation.

There is a significant level of responsibility at the client level where critical gas applications are concerned. Simply installing a Bulk or MicroBulk tank to supply gas to an application should not be the end of the story. Giving thought to installing a backup system is a prudent consideration.

While it is a rare occasion that Bulk and MicroBulk systems runs dry, it does happen. Many times the run out is due to a tank that has simply become undersized due to growth of the clients operation. If you are anticipating an increase in gas usage for a temporary period, please notify your salesperson so he can advise our Bulk / MicroBulk department of the added gas requirement. This will help them plan additional deliveries during the critical time.

If the increased usage will be ongoing it is important that this information be relayed to the salesperson as well so he can calculate the usage against the current tank size. It may be necessary to upgrade your tank to a larger size to accommodate your additional requirements.

A very important factor to consider when designing a Bulk or MicroBulk gas application is sizing the tank appropriately. Knowing the accurate gas usage (flowrate) in cubic feet at a specific pressure are the building blocks to the entire system. If any of these factors are in error the system will fail. It is the responsibility of the gas company to size the system correctly but it is the responsibility of the client to supply the correct information to the gas company. There is no room for being vague about the gas consumption rate or the pressure requirements. This information is absolutely critical and this is where a partnership is formed.

We will engineer the system to the client’s specifications, factoring in a growth potential so we are ensured the tank is sized properly and will remain operational for years to come. Our very experienced salesmen are experts in this field and our job is to supply every aspect of the project ending in a turnkey operation. The partnership with the client is a must from inception to completion. Our sales team is here for you every step of the way.

The Bulk / MicroBulk division at Middlesex Gases & Technologies is growing at a breakneck speed. We are constantly adding new employees, new tanks and new vehicles to serve our client base. We are waiting for the newest addition to this department, an 8000 gallon aluminum transport vehicle from our cryogenic equipment partner, Chart Industries. This addition to our fleet will assist us in keeping our bulk units supplied. It is important for us to keep this division of Middlesex Gases fully equipped with the most up to date equipment available to bring us comfortably into the future and to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible.

If you are thinking of utilizing a Bulk or MicroBulk tank in the future and would like more information, or if you are a current client and would like to discuss a gas backup system please call us at 617-387-5050. We are eager to hear from you.