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Doing the Right Thing

Gases are used in many applications within the Life Sciences, Defense, Nanotechnology and an endless number of other industries. Companies within these industries are being served by one gas company or another and most commonly an individual representative from the gas company is assigned to manage these accounts.

Many decisions are made daily by this individual representative that can make the everyday life of the companies they serve an efficient and seamless flow of good business practices. Decisions that ensure the customers best interests are in the forefront and reflect the account manager’s core integrity.

Recently, I was encouraged by a network partner to call on a company in the local area as he was advised in his business dealings with them that they were spending an incredible amount of money on gases annually. I made the call, set up an appointment, and soon I was touring their facility and taking notes. My observations revealed a number of areas where significant dollars could be saved by changing the way gases were being delivered to the company’s operational applications and these systems could be automated. A brief discussion followed to discuss gas pricing and deliveries.

I am sure the areas for improvement I observed were quite clear to the incumbent account manager from gas company X but for whatever reason he chose not to act on them. This left an open door for me to deliver an elevated level of service in the delivery of recommendations that will save said company an estimated $475,000.00 in the first year they do business with Middlesex Gases & Technologies. I simply put the company’s best interest ahead of all else and did the right thing for them. I left all decisions up to my new client and simply delivered good information in a timely manner along with fair pricing. $475,000.00 is a significant savings for any company and I was proud to deliver it to this new customer.

If you have questions about how gases are being utilized at your facility, call us. If you have questions about the purity of gases for particular applications, call us. If you have questions about gas related hardware like regulators or manifolds, call us.

We are here to serve and we take it very seriously so, call us at Middlesex Gases & Technologies where integrity and service have carried us proudly since 1949.

For more information on any of our services or products, contact Ron Perry, Sales & Marketing Director.