Middlesex Gases


Double Digit Growth in a Down Economy

I have been told very recently by a high level executive at a high technology company that doing business with Middlesex Gases & Technologies has given him peace of mind in knowing that his business, where it relates to gases, is in very good hands.

The success of his operation depends heavily on a number of gases that he uses in abundance. Our consistent on time delivery of gas product, extensive product knowledge, high quality gases and extended services have made this clients life considerably easier. He is no longer overstocking cylinders to compensate for missed deliveries and his operation has been streamlined to affect a savings of approximately $3000-$6000 per week over his previous supplier.

The gas business is very complex where it comes to customer requirements of a multitude of gases in various grades at specific pressures and flow rates to feed and endless array of equipment and processes. It takes years of experience and a keen attention to detail to address the hundreds or even thousands of applications presented to a Specialty Gas supplier on a regular basis. (Our average employee longevity is 20-25 years) Integrity in pricing structure is also important to nurture a healthy business relationship. Gas and hardware pricing must be fair and carry enough margin to support the business so the quality of services and product delivered can be maintained at premium levels.

This is not a revelation in business procedure, it is just good old fashioned business, the kind of business philosophy that has carried our company through since 1949. “Service” sometimes gets to be an over used word but here at Middlesex Gases & Technologies it is the backbone of our company. For three generations the “Service” mantra has put us at the forefront of gas distribution in New England in the eyes of our clients.

We deliver an exceptional quality of Specialty Gases and Cryogenics coupled with extreme service and extensive product knowledge on a daily basis and at a fair price.

If you are experiencing anything less from your gas supplier please call us. We are eager to hear from you.

Mike Lee

Specialty Gas Manager

Middlesex Gases & Technologies