Middlesex Gases


Gas Delivery Mode Change

Are your gases being delivered in the appropriate mode? In other words, by what means is your lab gas being delivered to your business? Are you using high-pressure cylinders of Nitrogen or Argon to feed your applications?

Careful consideration should be given to the number of cylinders that are being utilized, stored and handled each month. A cylinder of Grade Nitrogen may cost $50.00 each. If you are using a number of these during a month’s time you may want to consider switching to a Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) vessel that is delivered on wheels and can be put into service much the same way the cylinders gas is. The key is that a LN2 vessel holds the equivalent of about 22 high pressure tanks. The price of a Liquid Nitrogen vessel is around $50.00.

1 x Liquid Nitrogen, $50.00 22 x High Pressure cylinders, $1,100.00

Your savings is $1050.00 in gas, considerable real estate, far less handling, fewer ordering cycles, and fewer deliveries. Etc. etc.

There are many gases available in Liquid or Cryogenic form for your lab applications. Keep an eye on your expenses for lab gases in more ways than just the price of the gas. Your supplier should be paying close attention to ways to make your life easier and your science smoother.

Middlesex Gases continually monitors our customers use patterns and when the time is right we recommend a mode change whether it is from cylinders to cryogenic sources or from cryogenic sources to MicroBulk or Bulk. Do we earn less money switching gas modes? Yes we do, but it is the right thing to do and our efforts earn us a long term relationship with our customers.

To request an evaluation of your gas systems please call us. We are in your service.