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Gas Generators Need Back-up

If you employ a Gas Generator to feed gas to your lab applications, hoods, Mass Specs, etc. Have you considered what would happen if the generator went down?

A very good customer called me recently to tell me they had a generator failure that ultimately cost them nearly $15,000.00 in down time, lost revenue and repairs. The generator was feeding a Mass Spectrometer (MS) If you are using a gas generator to feed your lab equipment it would be wise to investigate a generator back-up system that would sense the generator failure and start delivering gas to your process line from another source. The back-up system should have dual alarm capabilities, one alarm to notify you when the generator failure was sensed and a second alarm to notify you when the banks of back up cylinders or dewars are switched. The cost of these back-up systems varies depending on many parameters but the cost pales in comparison to the expense of a shut down.

Custom designed system for all applications are available from Middlesex Gases & Technologies. Don’t get caught with your generator down, call us today.