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Cryostorage Equipment

Middlesex Gases supplies both Taylor Wharton and Chart equipment - both leaders in the industry.

Units feature a four thermistor based controller that is especially user friendly. The low maintenance, all stainless steel construction and large neck opening provide a durable environment for your biological samples. The CryoStorage units will provide either vapor or liquid storage with storage capacities from 5,200 vials to 39,000 vials.

Cryoshippers, Cryofreezers and Cryosystems

These systems provide the consistency required when dealing with critical samples. See the importance of validation of temperature and LN2 savings below.

Chart MVE Cryoshipper
MVE Cryoshipper
with Shipping
Container Included
Model #20925284
Chart MVE Cryosystem
MVE Cryosystem
6000 w/Full Auto
Roller Base &
Transfer Hose
Model #14797765
Chart MVE HEco Freezer
MVE HEco™ 1500
Series Freezer
Model #20884101

If Validation & LN2 Savings are Important to you,
Step Up to the Technology of the MVE HEco Freezer line.

Traditional Cryofreezer Chart MVE HE
Traditional Cryofreezer -125°C at top and -170°C at bottom - Big Variance. Chart MVE HE Freezer -190°C at top and -196° at bottom - Consistently.
With the traditional cryofreezer, the bottom racks are in liquid. With the Chart MVE HE, no racks are in liquid - all dry sample storage.
When traditional freezer is open, all top racks fall below critical temperature of -135°C. Only your samples are affected when you pull the rack out of the Chart MVE HE.
The traditional freezer has limited data log capability. The Chart MVE HE with the TEC 3000 Controller has extensive data log capability.
LN2 product loss with a traditional freezer with a foam top is excessive. LN2 product loss is much lower with Chart MVE HE - 10 - 20% annual savings.

Cryogenic Preservation:

  • Cryogenic Freezers, shippers, refrigerators
  • Cryo-Freezer Consolidation expertise
  • Cryogenic switchover systems
  • Cryogenic keep fill system, via satellite


  • Four thermistor liquid level control system
  • Liquid level gauge readout
  • Dry contacts
  • High and low level alarm
  • Supply alarms
  • Integrated one fill / all fill system


  • Inventory frame and cassettes
  • Square racks - stainless or aluminum
  • Arrowhead racks
  • Cardboard boxes (81 cell)
  • Plastic boxes (25 cell and 100 cell)
  • SUC boxes
  • Canes and protectors
  • Cryogenic gloves
  • Cryogenic handling safety equipment
  • Cryogenic hoses and diffusers (phase separators)