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How Does Your Gas Supplier Size Up in the Crowd?

Are all gas suppliers created equal? Is the current level of service you are receiving up to par or do you think there might be more they could offer?

Are you just an account number to your gas supplier or do you have a relationship with the company? Do you receive deliveries when it is convenient for the gas supplier?

As in all business, we want to feel appreciated for the dollars we spend with a company and we want to feel that we are getting the best value for those dollars. The lowest cost supplier is most commonly just that “the cheapest supplier” and that can speak volumes. If they are working on margins that can not comfortably support their business, then they will fall along the wayside like so many others.

Recently, Middlesex Gases & Technologies (MG&T) was awarded a significant account, but only after the client spent two years diligently investigating four other gas suppliers. What they wanted was not the cheapest price but a gas supplier that could deliver a top quality product in a timely manner and in a way that others could not offer. Consistent quality and on time, automated deliveries is what won the day. They also needed a salesman that could talk the talk and walk the walk with clear definitive explanations of the gas delivery systems and the Specialty Gases themselves.

Taking the time (2 years in this case) to structure a true relationship with this client earned MG&T a solid account but it also forged a firm and long lasting relationship with the client. We clearly understand the client’s requirements and they have the confidence that we can satisfy those requirements on a consistent basis. It is an account well earned.

If you would like to investigate what separates Middlesex Gases & Technologies from the rest of the gas suppliers in New England just give us a call. We have been delivering gases to New England companies since 1949 and we would be very pleased to hear from you.

For more information on any of our services or products, contact Ron Perry, Sales & Marketing Director.