Middlesex Gases


How Valuable is Your Time?

This question is worth more than a quick answer so ponder it for just a moment and place yourself in the middle of your workday busy with your science and its many tasks.

Now stop what you are doing and pick up a wrench and go change an empty cylinder for a full one. Shut the empty tank off, remove the pressure regulator, retrieve a full tank from the stock pile, un-strap the empty cylinder and replace the tank, replace the regulator, re-set the delivery pressure etc. etc.

Or, go on with your important work and leave the business of gases to us. With the appropriate equipment in place the low cylinder will signal Middlesex Gases and we will deliver a new tank and handle the switchover, leaving you to your work with an uninterrupted supply of gas.

Recently at the end of a two year negotiation with a potentially large client I posed the question, “How valuable is your time?” Middlesex Gases had been one of four gas companies being considered by the client and our product quality and expertise was considered well above the others but change is often difficult, especially in light of such a critical part of an operation as gases. The client took the appropriate time to think about the question and answered honestly. He said, “I can’t put a price on it at any given part of the day I’m so busy.”

I offered a solution to the problem of cylinder change outs of approximately 50 cylinders per week as well as considerable improvements in the delivery systems to ensure an ultra high purity standard for the gases in use. The incumbent gas supplier as well as the other three suppliers in contention were dismissed and the business was awarded to Middlesex Gases due to our resourcefulness in making a critical problem disappear.

This client is more than pleased and to date has not touched another gas cylinder. If this sounds like something that might interest you, please do not hesitate to call us at Middlesex Gases. Our sales staff is very knowledgeable with many years of experience in gas processes. We welcome an opportunity to speak with you to discuss your requirements and our capabilities. Give us a call and let us create a solution for your cylinder or purity issues.

For more information on any of our services or products, contact Ron Perry, Sales & Marketing Director.