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Cylinder Gas and Cryogenic Handling Safety Program

Lab safety is an issue that has been getting considerable press in recent years and for good reason. Have you ever thought about the catastrophic results of a gas tank being misused in a lab?

To the untrained employee in a lab the gas tank is just that 200 pound thing against the wall with some hoses attached to it. “If it doesn’t concern my work I don’t worry about it” seems to be the way lab personnel feel about gas cylinders.

This writer has trained many thousands of people in New England in the safe use of cylinder and cryogenic gases and the most common comment I hear following the training is “I had no idea of the potential dangers there are in handling gases.”

I can assure you that misusing a cryogenic or high pressure gas vessel will most assuredly ruin your day and in all likelihood the day of many of those in close proximity to the incident.

A gas cylinder is a sleeping giant with the high pressure potential to turn a sophisticated laboratory setting into a useless pile of debris.  Gas cylinder accidents are most commonly a catastrophic disaster and they are also most commonly avoidable with a good training session.

Don’t allow your employees to fall into the trap of just not being aware of the potential dangers of handling high pressure gas cylinders or cryogenic products. Have them trained in the safe use of these products and educated as to the potential dangers.

A “Cylinder Gas and Cryogenic Handling Safety Program” can be conducted on site to train your personnel.  The course takes approximately 1 hour and audiences of 10 – 100 are welcome. Certificates of attendance are presented following the course.

Help keep your workplace safe by calling us at the number below to schedule your in house training soon.