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If you have been searching for a bulk gas storage system for your facility, laboratory, university, or medical office, then we’re happy you found us. Middlesex Gases is the go-to provider of high-quality, cost-effective, safe, and reliable Bulk and MicroBulk equipment in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Watch How Middlesex Gases Slayed Lilly’s Monster Gas Problem

Lilly had a serious situation on her hands. She was fed up with her current gas supplier, who was constantly late with deliveries, causing her to waste time and money. The last straw was when she arrived at the lab one morning to find her LN2 dewar had run out of gas overnight and the freezer alarm had failed to alert anyone. This one event caused her to lose a million dollars’ worth of valuable research, materials, and time. She’s had enough!
Lilly switched to Middlesex Gases and hasn’t looked back. Now, she has peace of mind and far less stress. Plus, we provide her with the following service offerings:

By relying on Middlesex Gases, Lilly and her peers can focus on more important things like making our world a better place with breakthrough scientific innovations.

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