Middlesex Gases


New Product Release Serves End Users

If you use compressed gases or cryogenics in your labs you are accustomed to the day to day shuffle of dealing with these vessels. It’s the same old drag of monitoring inventories, calling in orders, taking deliveries, getting the tanks to the labs, unhooking the empties, hooking up the fulls, maintaining back ups and the daily drudge tolls on and on.

Well, a new product that has proven to be a critical time saver for our customers has passed its field tests and is now available. It is the Auto-Dialer Program from Middlesex Gases & Technologies. This new program removes the customer from the aforementioned tasks. All cylinder management, ordering, inventories, hook up and empty removals is handled automatically. Your orders are placed by the Auto-Dialer, the appropriate cylinders are delivered the next day, the empties are removed and the fulls are put in place. All inventories are maintained appropriately.

How is this accomplished? Your gases are manifolded with two banks in service. The banks are on each side of a switchover manifold. When one bank is depleted of gas it automatically switches to the other bank without an interruption to service. When the switch takes place it trips the auto-dialer which calls your order in to Middlesex Gases. It prints a delivery ticket and our drivers are there the next day swapping out the empty bank with full cylinders. There is no interruption to your gas service during this procedure. This has proven to be a significant time saver for valuable lab personnel that can be better utilized working on other tasks.

At Middlesex Gases, it’s all about the service!

For more information on the Auto-Dialer service please call Mike Lee, Specialty Gas Manager directly at 617-733-5946.