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Safety Audit & Training

Ensure everything is where it should be where it comes to the safety of your workplace

The summer months are upon us and there is nothing like a beautiful June in New England with temperatures in the 50’s and enough rain to fill the Congo River to keep us focused on the reality of our day to day lives.

I guess we can look forward to a July in the 90’s but that is a couple of weeks away and full of vacation time. So now is the time while it is dreary outdoors to make the best of it and give our July a kick start.

Have you walked your lab lately and taken a good look around? Are the safety guidelines that are in place being adhered to or are they just words in a binder in a drawer somewhere upstairs.

In my line of business “SAFETY COMES FIRST.” I know that is an overused statement but when it comes to the use of compressed and cryogenic gases safety is tantamount.

Nothing else in my day is more important than safety. The safety of my customers and non customers alike as well as my co-workers is constantly on the agenda.

When entering a business to conduct a Safety / Purity Audit it would be convenient to observe only the gases and cryogenics in use but it goes further than that. The formal Safety / Purity Audit report submitted to the client often reaches beyond the realm of the gases and into other areas where I can call upon my business colleagues at Safety Partners, Inc. (Denise Aronson, President, 781-718-5330) for advice in their fields of expertise.

This sharing of information regarding lab safety in all categories only enhances our service to our clients. This is service at its very best.

Please consider the safety of your workplace as it pertains to the use of gases and cryogens and don’t forget the balance of the lab safety concerns.

Middlesex Gases & Technologies in collaboration with Safety Partners, Inc. is offering a Safety / Purity Audit of your lab to ensure everything is where it should be where it comes to the safety of your workplace. This offering is inclusive of not only gases and cryogens but also of all aspects of your laboratory functions.

Following the Safety / Purity Audit a formal report will be submitted citing all observations and our recommendations. Now, during the slow summer months is a great time to schedule your audit.

On site Cylinder Gas Handling Safety and Cryogenic Safety courses are offered by Middlesex Gases & Technologies and have been met with very favorable results and repeat requests for the service. Call to schedule your audit and training soon.