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Lab Safety Purity Audit

Contact us for your personalized Safety/Purity Audit today and also ask about our in house "Cylinder Gas Handling Safety Program".

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Is your lab in compliance?

Are you using the right grade of gas for you applications?

Is your gas regulation equipment contaminating your gas stream?

Is your lab a safe place when it comes to the gases in use?

Is there room for improvement with new technology?

The Lab Gas Safety/Purity Audit offered by Middlesex Gases & Technologies will answer all these questions and more.  This service is offered to all of our customers (and non-customers) and consists of the following:

We will:

  • Assure that the grade of gas in use is appropriate for the application
  • Confirm that the gas regulation equipment is not adding contaminants to your gas stream
  • Make sure the hoses or tubing from the regulators to the equipment are not adding contaminants to your process
  • Verify that all gas safety issues are in compliance
  • Check for technology upgrade opportunities to effect savings

A formal written report will answer all of the above questions and make recommendations for improvements.  Your Middlesex Gases representative will be available to review the report personally.

Leave the science of gases to Middlesex Gases & Technologies.  We will deliver the gases you need in the appropriate purity from our lab to you, first time, every time.  It's what we do best. 

The following is a downloadable and printable PDF explaining our Lab Gas Purity Audit Service.

Lab Gas Purity Audit Information Sheet.