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Selecting Lab Gases

Image of gas cylinders and liquid dewarsThere are so many sizes of gas cylinders with different valve styles and a multitude of various grades of gases; how does one go about selecting precisely the right gas for an application?

Lab personnel are busy with their science and facility managers are busy, well, managing their facility. Whose shoulders does this task of selecting the appropriate grade of gas in the correct tank size fall on? Is that person familiar enough with the level of impurities in each grade of gas and the correct equipment required to ensure the gas maintains its purity level during the delivery to process?

Additionally there will be many questions about the gas delivery equipment, pressure regulators, manifolds, piping selections and so on. This list of questions can go on for quite a while. What can make these choices quite simple is having a relationship with an expert in gases and their delivery systems. This person can guide you through the steps of gas choices and vessel sizes with ease. The recommendations for gas apparatus will flow with remarkable ease. Care will be taken to keep you in compliance with all safety issues related to the gases selected for your application. This expert will also have a network of business partners already in line to serve their client with additional requirements such as Process Piping, Environmental Health & Safety, Clean Water Systems etc. (this list is approximately 70 services long) if necessary.

So, to answer the question of who should be responsible for purchasing gases, the answer is a Lab Manager, Facility Manager, and Purchasing Manager and so on, so long as that person has an extreme level of confidence in the gas expert they are working with to make these selections. Guidance in gas selection is critical to a process success or failure so make a friendly call to a gas expert and keep your company on track.

Please don’t leave these questions to be answered by anyone so inexperienced that they may make an incorrect selection and cause unnecessary down time, repeat processes and analytical failures. These are all lost margins to a company that can not be replaced.

At Middlesex Gases & Technologies we pride ourselves in a very high level of knowledge in the science of gases. Our average longevity of employment is over 20 years and in many cases 30 years. Please call us to utilize the years of experience we carry with us on a daily basis. This experience coupled with an extreme level of service and next day deliveries makes for a bundled package that will make your dealing with gases a pleasurable experience.

For more information on any of our services or products, contact Ron Perry, Sales & Marketing Director.