Middlesex Gases


Service Provider

Is your current gas supplier a service provider or do they simply deliver gases? Companies separate themselves from one another by a number of means. Commonly, they depend on pricing to speak to the difference in their company philosophy. At Middlesex Gases & Technologies, while our product is competitively priced, we would prefer to let our service differentiate us from the rest of the pack.

Even before starting the business process with a new client, we suggest a tour of the facility to identify all gas applications. During the tour we make note of any gas safety or purity issues, as well as production issues that can be improved upon. Following this Safety / Purity Audit, we return to the facility with a formal Safety / Audit report that identifies any areas for improvement, safety issues that need to be addressed, and areas of concern where gas purity is in jeopardy or the gases in use are in question.

This report is reviewed in detail and once the appropriate measures are in place, the gas and equipment pricing can be presented. So what has this service done for the customer? It has streamlined all gas processes, provided a safer work place, and ensured all gases in use are the appropriate grade for the specific applications. Our customer base requires a higher level of expertise from a gas supplier, far and above one that just delivers gas to the dock. They need an expert in gases, gas equipment, and gas applications to deliver an elevated level of service along with the deliveries. Our account managers can answer the customer’s questions for new applications even before they are brought into the lab.

Business relationships are forged in this manner and it has sustained our business in this highly competitive market place since 1949. We would welcome an opportunity to have one of our account managers visit with you and explain in person what this elevated level of service could mean to your company.

For more information on any of our services or products, contact Ron Perry, Sales & Marketing Director.