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Tech Tip - Cryogenic Freezers

Q. What’s in a cryogenic freezer?

A. The life blood of any biotechnology firm.

From the time a biotechnology firm was a start-up to the time it becomes a mega-giant, the life blood of the company is kept in a cryogenic freezer. The freezer contents have a value beyond the reach of simple dollars. Years of research are frozen in time and reflect the work and value of a company.

I can tell you from first hand experience how devastating the loss is when cells are destroyed due to the malfunction of a cryogenic freezer. The research is lost forever, the cells are gone and there is no bringing them back.

Your vital investment is a major priority at Middlesex Gases & Technologies and to that end we offer a Preventative Maintenance Program for cryogenic freezers. Our full time, factory certified technicians come to your site to perform the work. We will ensure that the freezers are in excellent working condition verifying the operation of all hardware, printed circuit boards, controllers and temperature.

Sleep better at night knowing you have protected your company’s future research. Call Middlesex Gases & Technologies today to learn more about this program.

From our lab to yours, we are delivering premium service to Life Science.