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Mass Spectrometers Require Some TLC

Company owners who purchase a Mass Spectrometer (MS) for their business know all too well the impact the purchase of this equipment will have on their company’s future. It is imperative this equipment runs well and often. It may very well be the life blood of a company and the hundreds of thousands of dollars invested will have a specific payback period within the company’s business plan.

The MS will use a considerable amount of gas to run properly. The gases introduced to the equipment will be ultra high purity nitrogen and zero grade air. This is where the expertise of a mature, well-seasoned sales representative of the gas company comes into play to recommend the appropriate grade of gas, the correct gas pressure regulation equipment and the right gas delivery equipment. This is imperative to the smooth operation of the MS. Omit one segment of this supply chain and the gas delivered to the instrument will be fouled with moisture, hydrocarbons and other contaminants resulting in a failed analytical run which will cost the company dearly.

The investment in analytical equipment such as this is a critical investment of time and cash. It is in the best interest of the equipment owner to partner with a gas company who is totally familiar with their equipment and can address the exact parameters necessary to deliver the gases at the correct pressures, flow rates and purity levels to ensure smooth sailing and accurate analytical results.

There is enough to worry about running your business, leave the gas end of the business up to the experts at Middlesex Gases & Technologies. We guarantee excellent results. For a no cost evaluation of your gas systems please call us at 617-733-5946 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.