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Technology Tip - The Perma-Cyl Innovative Design

Middlesex Gases & Technologies is the preferred vendor for the New Hampshire Biotechnology Council. We are devoted to serving the Life Science community with an extreme level of product quality and service. We are the leaders in New England of advanced product lines to deliver gases to our customers.

To that end, we are proud to announce the delivery of a second liquid nitrogen tanker used to fill customers bulk and micro bulk on-site vessels. The liquid nitrogen MicroBulk vessels are the newest technology to hit New England and Middlesex Gases was the first to introduce it.

A MicroBulk vessel boast a loss rate of less than 1% daily and holds the equivalent of 7-10 dewars of Liquid Nitrogen. They can be placed indoors or outside. When they run low of product they call a satellite, the satellite calls Middlesex Gases and we arrive the next day for a fill. Now that is advanced technology!

We also provide a web site where our customers can track their own usage. A great feature for tracking costs on job centers.

Bringing this advanced technology to your workplace is just a portion of our offerings. Our line of Specialty Gases and related equipment is second to none.