Middlesex Gases


The Extreme Gas Manifold

What exactly does your gas manifold do for you? Is it client friendly? Does it require interaction? Consider what a gas manifold should do for you.

A modern day gas manifold will switch automatically from one gas bank to another without interruption to gas supply but check out the

following features:

  • It will also check its own reserve bank for leaks
  • It will order its own gas delivery in the right grade of gas and the appropriate number of cylinders
  • The gas cylinders will be changed out by the gas company employees to allow your staff to continue their work
  • The manifold will notify key employees at your company electronically that a gas changeover has taken place
  • The manifold can be manipulated electronically from anywhere in the world via network
  • The manifold will have full data logging capabilities for all functions to aid in 21CFR11 compliance
  • Operating parameters are password protected for multiple users
  • An automatic purge cycle is included to ensure gas purity during cylinder change outs
  • There are constant digital and graphic gas displays on a large color touch screen
  • The manifold will utilize high pressure or liquid gas supplies
  • Any type of gas can be used with the manifold
  • Audio visual alarms are built in
  • External dry contacts are included to activate optional equipment or remote alarms
  • A battery back up is included in case of power failure
  • No knobs or levers to turn or buttons to push, just simple touch screen operation to set parameters and leave it be. It will take care of the rest.

As you can see we have gone to the extreme to provide a manifold that “works” for you and it is available at Middlesex Gases & Technologies.

For more information on any of our services or products, contact Ron Perry, Sales & Marketing Director.