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What Size Do You Need For Your Gas Cylinders?

How does the gas supplier that services your business determine what size cylinders to send you? Have you been told that there is one common size to fit all applications? Are you being over sold or under serviced?

There are a considerable number of gas cylinder sizes available within the industry. They start at lecture bottles that hold approximately 2 cubic feet of gas and run the gambit up to huge bulk tanks that hold 850,000 cubic feet. The size of a vessel is determined is by the client’s flow rate. The flow rate is determined by how many cubic feet of gas is consumed per hour times how many hours per day. This is a simple calculation and cubic feet can be substituted with any unit of measure to determine the answer.

With the appropriate flow rate, the gas supplier can determine the proper cylinder size for the application. Attention should be paid to how often the cylinders will have to be swapped out for full ones and the degree of burden that will be placed on the client. For the most part, our clients in the Life Sciences industry would prefer to attend to their science rather than be bothered exchanging bulky lab gas cylinders so we offer them solutions regarding this issue. Cylinders can be arranged on a switchover manifold so when one bank of tanks reaches a critical point it switches to a reserve bank with no interruption to service. When this switch takes place, the manifold automatically places an order with Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc. and we show up the next day to swap out the empty tanks for the client.

No more monitoring, ordering or handling gas cylinders. Consider that a common lab swaps out an average of five cylinders (at 180 pounds each) per week, this equates to approximately 46,800 pounds of steel delivered with the same amount returned; for a total of 93,600 pounds of gas cylinder handling annually.

Let us handle the heavy work for you so you can attend to your science uninterrupted. Call Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc. for more information about our manifolds with the Auto-Dialer option.

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